School | Kindergarten Graduation 2016

What a year! It went by so fast, as they always do. Looking back, I can't believe how fast they grew, how much they learned, and how funny they were! This group always kept us on our toes with a smile on our face. Though I am now far away, I am grateful for the privilege of having been called their teacher!

How To Get The Attention Of A Room Full Of Children

Moving into our science unit that examines the qualities of living and non-living creatures, I searched the internet for ways to make this more exciting for my kids. I found a great lesson on living vs. non-living over at First Grade Wow and was so excited to try it out with my class!

Here in Brazil, you sometimes have to go about procuring materials in creative ways to make all of these fancy Pinterest lessons a reality so when I decided that we were going to examine characteristics of gummy worms vs. earth worms I was relieved that our gardeners volunteered to find us some creepy crawlies. The kids had a blast searching for the worms and examining their sugary cousins. To top off our discovery day, we enjoyed one of my favorite childhood snacks, dirt and worms.

School | Pumpkins

One of the things I miss most about living outside of the States is autumn. The changing leaves, the changing weather and pumpkin spice flavored everything. To satisfy my fall craving, I compiled a math mini unit completely centered around pumpkins. We estimated how many seeds were inside each pumpkin and then broke them open to count how many were actually there (the results of which greatly exceeded my estimations). Then we dyed the seeds, graphed the colors, and practiced patterning. Living outside of the States also means a lack of canned pumpkin but I've perfected the art of boiling and mashing the fresh stuff, which I saved from our carving and put to use in this pumpkin bread with streusel topping. The kids were generally disgusted at the thought of eating a sweet vegetable but I was so proud that they all tried it...and liked it!