School | MICS Class of 2019

Half of the class was already present when I arrived at school Tuesday morning (we start at 7:40). We began the year with chapel and sang several songs that took me back to my Pine Cove days as well as a song that I had never heard in English but knew in Portuguese. After an introduction from our new superintendent, we went over some very boring procedures and rules before staging an indoor snowball fight and photoshoot. A couple of these guys were camera shy, but I told them not to worry because they were going to get used to it! I'm a nerd, but I totally took a picture on my first day as a teacher.

I'm writing from Singapore (aka HEAVEN). After waking up at 3:30 this morning, I dropped off my passport and $230 with a strange man at McDonald's. I went back at 4:30 today and my passport had an Indonesian work visa. Sketchy? Check. Effective? Most definitely.

Oh, how I have missed hi-speed internet, air conditioning, and Starbucks. More on Singapore tomorrow! For now, I have a lovely steak dinner and a rooftop sunset with my name on it.