School | International Day

Each year, Mountainview elementary students temporarily pause their social studies to pick up with their country of choice to learn about art, language, culture and customs. The month-long study culminates in two events: Travel Day and International Day. For our International Day performance, after a unit on France, my students prepared an original Madeleine skit and song.

In an old house in Paris, That was covered in vines, Lived six little girls, In two straight lines

They left the house at half past nine, In two straight lines, In rain or shine, The smallest one was Madeline

In two straight lines, They toured the city, Saw paintings and buildings, And said "How Pretty!"

They went to museums, Yes they went to a few, The largest of which they saw, Was the Louvre

They admired the arc, And walked through parks

They viewed Notre Dame, Which was almost spoiled, When the girls turned around, And saw a gargoyle

In the afternoon, At a quarter to three, The girls stopped off, At a bon creperie

With full happy stomachs, The girls walked in rows, Back across town, To their lovely chateau


School | Christmas Around The World

So my friend Janis, who was my roommate in England last year, is teaching first grade in...Rockwalll (I think). She sent me an email last weekend because her school is doing a unit on Christmas around the world and being that I am literally, around the world, asked my class to help out. I put together this video, although with the internet speed, it might actually be Christmas by the time it gets there!

School | Service Week

This past week was service week at Mountainview. For our service project, my 5th graders decided to pair up with the 3rd grade and the 6th grade and put on a carnival for the children of our national staff. The turnout was outstanding and it was great to see so many smiling faces. The kids split into pairs and each made a pinata for a booth at the carnival. We had a chicken, an owl, a dragon coming out of an egg and an M&M. They were so creative!