Walls Family Farm

Being abroad for five years, one of the things I missed the most was the seasons changing in the fall. Since this is Felipe's first whole holiday season in America, we took full advantage! Over Thanksgiving weekend, we made the trek to Terrell with family to the Walls Family Farm for some Christmas cheer. We've been an artificial tree household my whole life so this was a new experience for us all. It was well worth the trip for Felipe to chop his first tree. Thanks to my sister Haley for snapping the shots of Felipe and I!

Felipe was chomping at the bit to chop a tree down but he was a champ and made it through our little photo shoot first for me.

Post-tree chopping was a quite the experience too! Newly chopped trees were put on a de-piner to jiggle out the excess needles then thrown through a black hole to cover the tree in a net. Our little guy got stuck under a larger tree and almost went home with someone else!

School | Dia da Independência

In honor of Brazilian independence, we all got to sport our country's colors (I don't have any Brazilian apparel yet but luckily my Merapi shirt was the right shade of green). The whole school gathered for a special flag ceremony. I wasn't entirely sure what was going on because the entire thing was in Portuguese but my little guys did great being the innermost ring of a student circle! I heard the Brazilian national anthem for the first time and for those of you in Indonesia, it was twice as long as "Indonesia Raya". I was impressed that a lot of the younger kids seemed to know all of the words! We're still working on learning how to take a group picture so for now, this was the most faces we could get looking in one direction.