Selamat Datang

After flying from Motes Claros to Belo Horizonte to Miami to Dallas to San Francisco to Hong Kong to Singapore to Solo City in a period of three days, I finally arrived in Indonesia. Several of the single teachers from the school were waiting to welcome me when I got through customs and it was so nice to see smiling faces.

I survived my first jaunt on an Indonesian road. In this country, stoplights are more of a suggestion, traffic drives on the left, and there are no lanes marked on the road, which means a lot of weaving. Most people drive motorcycles and it is not uncommon to see an entire family of five people all on one bike together.

I arrived at my house and my pembantu (helper) was waiting for me, with a hot lunch already prepared. Her name is Ibu Wasti and she cooks, cleans, launders, shops, and brings lunch to school. She is awesome.

Rice, meetings, and cockroaches. Those three things have been a staple of life since arriving here. Each deserves a more detailed tale, but for now, I must summarize the Roman Empire for an upcoming social studies unit.