It's Almost Here!

Hi friends! I just wanted to let you know that we are still around. With an international move, two trips and a wedding, we've had our hands full this summer. In order to enjoy it all, I've been absent from the Traveling Teacher. But, after we get hitched on SATURDAY (you can watch a live stream here) and return from our honeymoon, I'll be right back here reminiscing on Brazilian travels, talking about Felipe's experience abroad, and showing off my new students. Stay tuned!

School | Kindergarten Graduation 2016

What a year! It went by so fast, as they always do. Looking back, I can't believe how fast they grew, how much they learned, and how funny they were! This group always kept us on our toes with a smile on our face. Though I am now far away, I am grateful for the privilege of having been called their teacher!

Felipe's Farewell

With the timing of Felipe's fiance visa, he had to fly out several weeks before the end of my school year which in a strange twist of fate means that our parents are taking care of our fiance's until we are reunited in a few weeks. The Bier family gathered at Guarulhos International Airport to send Felipe off last night. It was an evening filled with a few tears, phone calls of well-wishes, and lots of hugs. Baby Gustavo couldn't quite make it until take off and fell asleep right in the middle of a photo. It was such a relief to get the phone call this morning that Felipe had landed in Texas and made it through immigration without any bumps! It's been a long road of paperwork to get to this point, but now, we just have to wait for the big day in July!

Dead Sea Float | Israel

After experiencing the desert flood and checking out the Dead Sea Scrolls, we made our way to the Dead Sea. We were granted a reprieve from the day's drizzle just long enough to go for a float. Though it was still unpleasantly chilly (see below), the water was surprisingly warm. Shout out to Kyle Keeter for manning my camera on the shore for the group pictures!

Beit She'an | Israel

Beit She'an was one of the most complete sets of ruins that we saw during our time in Israel. Once a center of Egyptian rule, the city served as an important point in the crossroads of early times. Several temples dedicated to Egyptian gods have been uncovered here, as well as a variety of mosaics and an ancient public restroom. Our visit was short but left us all wishing that we had had more time to explore!