La Tortilla Cooking School | Granada | Nicaragua

Nicaragua was the perfect spring break getaway from a busy year. We spent one evening at La Tortilla Cooking School. The fresh ingredients and expertise of a local chef made for a delightful evening! While the class was conducted in Spanish, English translation was provided. Should you find yourself in the charming town of Granada (or in Antigua, Guatemala), definitely look them up.

Through the course of the evening, we learned how to make:

-fresco de gramma, a traditional drink made from hay but surprisingly tasty

- indio viejo, a traditional party dish topped with sofrito de tomate and accompanied by fresh tortillas and rice (side note: after living abroad, I am still fascinated at how each culture takes rice, such a basic ingredient, and turns it into something completely different!)

- buñelos, an interesting dessert made by combining yucca, salty cheese, and spices.

The finished products: