Incredible India

We made it to India! Our car is picking us up soon, so here are just a few first impressions:

1. Driving. The first thing that struck me straight off, was the traffic. After living and driving in Indonesia, I didn't think anything on the road could surprise me. I was wrong. In Indonesia, motorbikes rule the road and cars are just in the way. Here, traffic is constantly flowing. Everything that moves (cars, motorcycles, cows, bikes, horses, rickshaws and dogs) are all in a race for a very small number of spots on the road.

2. Man-love. I'm sure it's a cultural thing and there's a perfectly logical explanation that I haven't found yet, but guys are pretty close here. Close, as in holding hands while crossing the street.


3. Cleanliness. Travel shows, friends, and guidebooks alike all caution travelers about how dirty this country is. So far, I have been pleasantly surprised. Perhaps, living in Indonesia has altered my perception on what is considered clean.  Don't worry, I'm not going to go drink out of a water faucet or eat anything questionable off the side of the street, but there's not an overabundance of trash littering the streets, the street food stalls all seem to be washing their equipment on a regular basis, and my feet were only a slightly different color at the end of the day.