Jedidiah Smith Redwood Forest | California

We decided to spend the night right in the middle of Redwood country, in a town called Crescent City. We found Patree's place on Airbnb and she was the perfect hostess for the evening! She was very knowledgeable about the area and this post is thanks to her because we would have missed out on this winding dirt road through the forest and a multitude of photo-ops had it not been for her advice! (Scroll down for a driving route) This area certainly exudes a mystical element; you can feel the centuries rising from the roots.

The GPS will send you on the highway to get to the Jedidiah Smith Redwood Campground; don't do it. Instead, backtrack a wee bit south to a small road called Howland Hill Road. Follow this for unforgettable views! Once the road turns to dirt, be on the lookout for a number of hollowed out trees along the way that are large enough for several adults to fit in.