Street Legal!

As of Friday, I officially have license plates and a driver's license! This was not an easy task though. While my kids were in specials on Friday, I went to the police station and got my picture and fingerprints taken for my license. In the two months I have been here, I have had my fingerprints taken more than in the rest of my twenty-two years of life! Now, you're not supposed to smile for pictures here so I tried to keep a straight face but being the only woman and only foreigner in a room full of Indonesian men, I naturally attracted a lot of [unwanted] attention which resulted in an interesting picture.

My license plates arrived without holes to attach them with so I had to visit a little bengkel (roadside workshop) to remedy the situation. Here is my guy at work:

I also shot some [really awful] video while driving to give you guys a sense of what it's like to drive here. Buckle your seatbelts!

Here are some shots from my drive back this afternoon. I still can't believe that I live here!