Honda Scoopy

I got home from school today and my new Honda Scoopy was in the garage. Isn't it the cutest?

This is Pak Nosh. He is my Indonesian tutor from school and we went bike shopping on Saturday. It took a few stores for us to find this particular bike but we did some wandering and finally found it. We went back yesterday to make the actual purchase and arranged for it's delivery today.

Unfortunately, I couldn't even get it started once I wrestled it out of the garage. And alas, the owner's manual was entirely in Indonesian. Surprising, right? The whole time, I had a very entertained audience viewing (and laughing) from the porch next door as I kept turning the key and nothing happened. Pak Nosh came to the rescue and of course had it turned on as soon as he entered the gate. You have to turn the key, pull the left brake and push a button all at the same time. The diagram in the book didn't quite get that point across.

So, after I was feeling like a complete idiot, I took her for a spin around the neighborhood. I only drove on the wrong side of the road once and managed to avoid the abundance of critters that call our neighborhood home. I did end up driving through a soccer game, which all of the players found quite entertaining. After I got my balance, I was feeling adventurous and drove up to school without getting run over (or running anyone else over for that matter). I have missed my Jeep dearly and am loving my new form of transportation.