Walls Family Farm

Being abroad for five years, one of the things I missed the most was the seasons changing in the fall. Since this is Felipe's first whole holiday season in America, we took full advantage! Over Thanksgiving weekend, we made the trek to Terrell with family to the Walls Family Farm for some Christmas cheer. We've been an artificial tree household my whole life so this was a new experience for us all. It was well worth the trip for Felipe to chop his first tree. Thanks to my sister Haley for snapping the shots of Felipe and I!

Felipe was chomping at the bit to chop a tree down but he was a champ and made it through our little photo shoot first for me.

Post-tree chopping was a quite the experience too! Newly chopped trees were put on a de-piner to jiggle out the excess needles then thrown through a black hole to cover the tree in a net. Our little guy got stuck under a larger tree and almost went home with someone else!

YMCA Turkey Trot 2016

For the second year in a row, Felipe and I have made it to the YMCA's annual Turkey Trot in downtown Dallas. The Turkey Trot has been an Irons family tradition for as long as I can remember. The costumes have gotten quirkier but the announcer is still the same (Sic 'Em). Piper also made the trip with us and had a great time sniffing and making friends. But, she slightly underestimated how far 3 miles was!

60th Anniversary Shoot

You guys, my grandparents are the cutest. They've been married 60 years as of August and I was so excited when they agreed to let me do a photo shoot to commemorate the occasion! We had originally planned to shoot in Addison Circle but do to an influx of people who had to "Catch 'Em All", we had to move on to plan b.

Felipe's Farewell

With the timing of Felipe's fiance visa, he had to fly out several weeks before the end of my school year which in a strange twist of fate means that our parents are taking care of our fiance's until we are reunited in a few weeks. The Bier family gathered at Guarulhos International Airport to send Felipe off last night. It was an evening filled with a few tears, phone calls of well-wishes, and lots of hugs. Baby Gustavo couldn't quite make it until take off and fell asleep right in the middle of a photo. It was such a relief to get the phone call this morning that Felipe had landed in Texas and made it through immigration without any bumps! It's been a long road of paperwork to get to this point, but now, we just have to wait for the big day in July!